Jesus Walking on Water

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Jesus Walking on Water

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1 Sarah R = "The account of Jesus walking on water can be found in Matthew 14:22-33."
2 Sarah R = "In this painting Jesus looks transfigured. There is no indication in the actual gospel account that He was. "
3 Sarah R = "Even if we did not know the story we could probably guess that the disciple in the water is Peter. Peter is always the one jumping in or speaking up without thinking. One has to admire his enthusiasm! Interesting that the text notes Peter did walk on water for a little, but as soon as he took his eyes off of Jesus, he began to sink. Jesus did not let him drown but helped him back into the boat.Application for us? When God calls us out of our comfort zone (like out of the boat) we have to keep our eyes on Jesus, and He will sustain us. But if we fail, He will catch us and help us back up. Praise God!"