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Jogulamba Devi Temple

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1 Enakshi Ganguly = ""
2 Enakshi Ganguly = ""There was a great king called Daksha Prajapati who was son of Lord Brahma. He had 27 daughters and Sati devi is one among them. Sati devi got married to Lord Shiva. When Dashka entered the arena of a yaga performed by Agni, every one except Lord Shiva stood up as a mark of respect. Daksha felt insulted by Lord Shiva's behaviour. Later when Daksha conducted a yaga him self , he did not invite his daughter and his son in law.Though Sati felt bad because of the non invitation, she wanted to attend the yaga against the wish of Lord Shiva.When Sati, attended the yaga no body has cared for her and she felt insulted by the actions of her sisters and parents. Then when her father started abusing her husband she could not control her feelings and scarified herself at the place of yagna by creating agni from earth with her right thumb of her foot.Knowing this Lord Shiva removed one bunch of Jhatha from his head and hit it on the earth. From that Lord Veerabhadra has born and rushed to yaga spot and killed Daksha by cutting his head. Later Shiva went to the spot and taken the body of sati from the fire and started dancing with it. The world was terrorized from this Tandava Nritya and to stop this Nritya, Vishnu used his Sudarshan chakra and completely cut the Sati's body in to pieces. These body parts have fallen at various places in India and Srilanka. Where ever these parts have fallen the places are called Shaktipeethas. There are 18 such places and they are called Ashta(8) Dasa (10) Shaktipeethas."This is where Sati's upper teeth landed.Source:"
3 Enakshi Ganguly = ""Jogulamba Devi temple at Alampur, Andhra Pradesh is the 5th Shakthi peeta among the 18 Maha Shakthi Peetas.  Here Sati is worshipped as Jogulamba Devi or Yogamba Devi and Lord Shiva as Bala Brahmeswara Swamy. Oordhav Danta Panki (upper jaw with tooth) of Sati fell here. Jogulamba is derived from the word “Joginula Amma” meaning – Mother of Joginis/Yoginis. Here Jogini/Yogini refers to a lady, who has given up all material pleasures. Yogini also means a dancer, whose life is dedicated to God."Source:"