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Kali sculpture from Calcutta Art Gallery, 1913

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1 Enakshi Ganguly = "Best 10 Kolkatta Galleries"
2 Enakshi Ganguly = ""A Kali without the tongue is called Bhadra-Kali or the decent-Kali who does not reject feminine grace totally. She resides in household shrines and serves as the guardian of the family.There is something about Kali's tongue that disturbs the viewer. It is feared; it is seen as shameful, a-bhadra or not-civilised.Why is she doing it? Is it a symbol of power or a symbol of shame? ....In Kali temples, the tongue is smeared with the blood of sacrificed animals — a reminder that Mother Nature is — 'red in tooth and claw', giving life as well as taking life. We may domesticate her, transform her into the demure Gauri, clothed and coy, but she will always stick out her tongue and slurp on our blood.Perhaps with the outstretched tongue, Kali teases and mocks her devotees — she sees through their social facade and knows the dark desires they try so hard to deny or suppress. She provokes them to delve into their unconsciousness and confront all those memories they shy away from."Source:"
3 Enakshi Ganguly = ""Mother Bhadrakali is a quite ancient mythological deity. The entire Indian tantra literature is full of prayers and hymns for mother. The Gadaparva of Mahabharata Padma Puraha, Markandeya, Purana, Chandi Purana of Sarala Das, Vishnu Purana, Srimad Bhagabata Tantraprasanga of Sri Krishna and the second part of Harivamsa make vivid references to goddess Bhadrakali as all pervasive and eternal incarnation of Parambrahma. The eleventh chapter of Saptasati Chandi makes references accordingly. Jwala Karala Mrutyugra Mahisasura Sadanam Trisula Patunobhite Bhadrakali namostute. According to Durga Astottara Satanama stotra : Agnijwala, Roudramukhi karalivi stapaswini, Narayani Bhadrakali Vishnumaya Jalodari Thus she is the Emancipator of human soul. For the general welfare of the universe she has appeared in a metaphysical form."Source:"