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Map of Jerusalem

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1 Sara Di Diego = "The Church of Flagellation is a Roman Catholic church that used to be a pilgrimage site.  It was believed that it was the same plot of land where Jesus was whipped.  However, historians have found that it was a different part of land.Source:"
2 norma p = "In the BIble - Revelation/Apocalypse Chap 10:11 John (as "man") is told by "someone like a son of man"  to  prophesy and to measure another 'temple' Rev. 11:1Interesting that approximately 600 years later another temple/sanctuary was erected in 691AD by the Third revelation to man, in the name of Islam.  This Dome of the Rock ( Qubbat As-Sakhrah) of Temple Mount still stands - however controversially - but still displays great depth, beauty, and possibly intriguing prophetic value beginning from the last book in the Bible.What do you think the mysterious 'angel' was trying to relay to John of Patmos?"
3 Sara Di Diego = "Absalom was King David's rebellious son.  However, historians have found that the Pillar actually dates back to the First Century CE.Work Cited:"
4 Sara Di Diego = "The Tower of David is also known as the Jerusalem Citadel.  It was named by Byzantine Christians who believed it to be the palace of David.  The named it Tower of David because of its appearance in Song of Songs.Work Cited:"