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1 Shawn Bose = "Read about this revered deity in The Ramayana, written by the poet Valmiki in over 24,000 verses."
2 Mohan S = "Rama is said to be Vishnu's Human Incarnation.  The Supreme Being gives up all His Powers, His Rule over the Universe, even His Eternal Abode, to come as a human being, a true human being, such that he can befriend humanity and show them the way to being Truly Human."
3 Enakshi Ganguly = ""The color of Vishnu's skin has to be new-cloud-like-blue: The blue color indicates his all-pervasive nature, blue being the color of the infinite sky as well as the infinite ocean on which he resides. The color blue symbolizes the infinite. Vishnu is represented as an infinite force. It also symbolizing his vastness as deep as the heavens. Symbolism and meaning of Blue color is a very wide category of which numerous interpretations exist. The most relevant comments in my opinion are that blue stands for the vertical and the spatial, in other words height and depth, or the blue sky above, the blue sea below...It is also interesting to note that blue is considered to be "between black and white", also commonly identified with two opposing forces, good (white) and evil (black). Thus blue is considered the most neutral of all the colors. For this reason only the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, Krishna, Rama etc., are shown in blue colour skin."Source:"
4 Shawn Bose = "On Rama's hand is the symbol for Om.  Learn more about it in this short video: Reflections on the Meaning of the Word Om in the Upanishads."
5 Shawn Bose = "Rama is one of the most revered deities in the Hindu pantheon.  He is the central figure in Valmiki's epic poem The Ramayana which along with The Mahabharata serve as the most popular texts in the Hindu lexicon.  He is an incarnation of Vishnu and as such is born as a man to bring justice to the world.  In his story, he is a Prince who is exiled through treachery, and then when his wife Sita is abducted by the demon King Ravana of Lanka (modern day Ceylon) he leads armies against him to retrieve his bride and defeat evil.His story and veneration of him extended far beyond the Indian subcontinent and can be seen in the art of the Angkor Kingdoms of Cambodia, the art and culture of Thailand, as well as in Indonesia.He is considered to represent action of the highest virtue and integrity and the triumph of justice in the world."
6 Mohan S = "Rama's story, the Ramayana, has been studied and commented upon in detail by South Indian Acharyas.  The lessons of morality, ethics, and compassion presented by them apply to all humanity.  "