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The God Vishnu Asleep on the Endless Serpent

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1 Enakshi Ganguly = "The 'Endless Serpent' is Anantha Shesha. "
2 Enakshi Ganguly = "Hiranyaksha: "Most snakes are seen as manifestations of the literal devil by many Hindu groups, especially by...Iyengars! This is because the bird-like, angelic being who carries God on his shoulders, a MORTAL ENEMY of serpents. But you might think, “Wait a minute–Vishnu’s throne itself is a giant serpent!” WELL BUCKLE UP FOR STORY TIME !!! When Garuda was a wee baby bird, he and his mother were enslaved by his snake step-cousins. They were so incredibly HORRID that the oldest of the step-cousins, the serpent Adisesha, said, “Screw this” because he was so ashamed of his brothers’ actions and what they were doing to Garuda. He went on to cut all ties with his evil serpent brothers, refused to become the serpent king even though he was the oldest, and through years and years of meditation, became the very Throne of God. Long story short: he was so ashamed of being a serpent, an inherently evil being, that he decided to never be associated with snakes EVER.""
3 Enakshi Ganguly = ""Geography:Made in Madhya Pradesh, India, AsiaProbably made in Madhya Pradesh, Rewa Region, India, AsiaPeriod:Kalachuri (Haiyaya/Chedi) DynastyDate:1000-1150Medium:Sandstone"Source:"