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The Last Judgement

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1 Sara Di Diego = "The reason people in hell are naked, is to represent that they have turned back into the beasts before Adam and Eve's original sin.  They are, should feel, shameful due partly to their past deeds, and also because their nakedness are a sign of them not knowing God.  Since the fruit Adam and Eve eat gives them God's knowledge of what is right and wrong.In addition, Michael stands guard over hell.  As he is the archangel of war, he carries a sword, similar to the burning sword he held to stop Adam and Eve from getting back into the Garden of Eden."
2 Sara Di Diego = "The middle ground between heaven and hell is believed to be part purgatory, part limbo.  The people crawling out of the ground have landed themselves in purgatory since they have an equal amount of good and bad deeds.  The reason why indulgences were sold so heavily at the time this painting was made was due to the belief that paying the Catholic Church would lessen the time one would spend in Purgatory.On the other side is limbo.  Limbo is considered the final resting place for souls who never had a chance to accept God into their life.  This includes stillborns and unbaptized infants.  Later on in the 15th century it was believed that if a fetus died, it would go to heaven as long as the mother had planned to give it a baptism.Work Cited:"
3 Sara Di Diego = "There is propaganda within the heaven portion of this painting, as there is obviously a hierarchy.  In the left side of heaven, one can clearly see a monk and other Catholic Church members."