The Resurrection (1640)

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1 Shawn Bose = "Aldous Huxley wrote the essay "The Best Picture" about this painting in 1925.  You can read the entire essay here."we can return to San Sepolcro and the greatest picture in the world. Great it is, absolutely great, because the man who painted it was genuinely noble as well as talented. And to me personally the most moving of pictures, because its author possessed almost more than any other painter those qualities of character which I most admire and because his purely aesthetic preoccupations are of a kind which I am by nature best fitted to understand. A natural, spontaneous and unpretentious grandeur - this is the leading quality of all Piero's work. He is majestic without being at all strained, theatrical or hysterical...""
2 Sarah R = "It looks like Jesus is carrying a flag of St. George's cross, the "warrior saint" or crusader from the Middle Ages. Jesus hardly came as a crusader, though many wanted Him to, and though He will be more of a conquering King when He returns. Many have used Christianity over the years as an excuse to conquer foreign lands, particularly during the Crusades, and perhaps this was painted at that time."
3 Sarah R = "While Matthew 28 says the guards at the tomb fainted when Jesus rose to life the soldiers in this picture look more like they are sleeping. This was the lie that the Jewish leaders told the guards to say - "we fell asleep at our post and the disciples stole the body" - even though that wasn't a very good lie, as guards who fell asleep at their posts were usually killed for that and they were still walking around."