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Vaisakhi Infographic

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1 Sara Di Diego = "Anandpur Sahib is known as the "holy City of Bliss".  It is located next to the Himalayas and the Sutlej River.Work Cited:"
2 Sara Di Diego = "A representation of this:Source:"
3 Sara Di Diego = "The Five K's are:"Kesh: uncut hair is a symbol of acceptance of your form as God intended it to be.Kangha: a wooden comb, a symbol of cleanliness to keep one's body and soul clean.Kara: an iron or steel bracelet worn on the forearm, to inspire one to do good things and also used in self-defense.Kirpan: a sword to defend oneself and protect other people regardless of religion, race or creed.Kacchera: undergarment reminding one to live a virtuous life and desist from rape or other sexual exploitation."Work Cited:"