Jainism is an Indian religion that prescribes a path of nonviolence towards all living beings, and emphasizes spiritual independence and equality between all forms of life. Practitioners believe that nonviolence and self-control are the means by which they can obtain liberation. Asceticism is thus a major focus of the Jain faith. View more

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Two Minutes With... A Jain

A discussion with Kiran Bhayani, part of the JAINA Group, at the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions.

Paryushan 2014- Day 1 Q&A

Paryushan lecture Day 1 at Navnat Centre

Guru Purnima ( Hindus Teacher's Day) - A Brief Introduction

http://www.hindiplus.com/guru-purnima-hindus-teachers-day-a-brief-introduction/ Guru Purnima also known as Vyaas Purnima, Guru Pooja or in English ...

Index H-L, Indian Myth And Legend

Indian Myth and Legend: Index: H-L

Badami Ancient Hindu Rock Art statue Cave of Karnataka India

Badami (Kannada: ಬಾದಾಮಿ), formerly known as Vatapi, is a town and headquarters of a taluk by the same name, in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka, ...

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