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For Terror is thy name, Death is in Thy breath. And every shaking step Destroys a world for e’er. Thou "Time" the All-Destroyer      Then come, O Mother, Come! Who can misery love, Dance in destruction's dance, And hug the form of Death,      To him the Mother comes.                                       V.

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1 Enakshi Ganguly = "Maa Kali (Kāl meaning time) embodies the void that is time. Oftentimes she is associated with death, sex and violence. In reality, she is one of the more explicitly celibate Goddesses and her menacing form is only death of the EGO. When a man sees her in such a form it means he has not killed his ego, which he must do in order to become truly devoted to God. To those who have, Maa Kali came as a benevolent Mother."