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I heard someone say ,"David was a bad dude,". The truth on this is King David was neither a worse person, nor better than you or I. He in fact, was a great man as he allowed God to work through him, but just as with any vessel that God uses, the enemy did what he could to trip him up. They continued to say ,"wow king David failed over and over," Which at first glance It would appear this way, but the truth is failure is a measure of totality, wherein we have falling short in all areas of significant meaning, and this is not the case for him nor ourselves. We, because of the weakness of our flesh, often fall short, or stumble in a particular area, but we never truly fail until we refuse to try again. David was not a bad man nor a constant failure, but just like us he had moments of weakness. The difference between this and failure is failures become defined by their weakness and successful people are refined by moments of weakness.