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Alive Or Dead Complex

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We have all heard the phrase, "waste not, want not" or "no better time like the present". Whatever the cliche is its clear procrastination is frowned upon. Now a days society seems to promote a message of, you want it, go out and get it or later regret it, which is understandable, but it sometimes seems as if a, by any means necessary attitude is acceptable. We sometimes will hear, "no one else is going to do it for you, so do what you have to do to get it." When observed through the lime light, or the public eye attaining what you want through deception or stealing is at first glance unacceptable, but is that only because they are put on display. Meanwhile, privately or, at least, away from the televised eye it's more like what we don't see doesn't exist, and yet we are eye witnesses to our own wrong doing 24-7. Have we become so numb that we actively and knowingly see right past our own existence, or do we simply fail to see ourselves as existing. Here's why, we don't concern ourselves with the affects on things without life, figuring, well it's already dead, which is our rationale that frees us up from considering affects of any type. Why do we continue to treat ourselves as if no life is present, wherein we just don't think or are willfully ignorant to consider the outcome. Often saying," Whatever happens, will happen" or "oh well". Now let's change the paradigm to something that has life. We are often more and concerned with consequences to come, which ultimately affect our decision. We then, have the thought process of, "I don't want to hurt it" or "that's just cruel", but what about procrastinating to save our own life while we're busy destroying ourselves by any means necessary right before our very eyes. Obviously, we wouldn't just watch somebody inflict injury upon themselves as they slowly take their lives, or would we....or do we? Everyday in this world people procrastinate in saving their own lives, and this we often do publicly, or at the very least, the affects are observed publicly. What happened to our "go out and get it" attitude? Is it a lack of observation of life that keep us from caring or changing the way we act, wherein we treat ourselves more like an unaffected dead carcass? We so often say," waste not, want not", meaning don't waste anything now or we will be in want later, and yet we let ourselves waste away, never regarding or considering what we might want later, whether it's health, family, freedom,or time. Do we really treat food better than our own physically affected bodies? What about our spiritual bodies? If our physical body is in decay than logically our spiritual body must be long dead. We can not destroy the outside of anything and leave the inside unaffected, and yet we destroy the outside and inside of ourselves as if we are in race. Is this, yet again our failure to acknowledge life, which frees us from considering consequences? Another expression heard is,"no better time like the present" so why do we always wait until later to change our destructive lifestyle, and this is not just a religious or theological perspective, but a worldwide perspective. Do we see ourselves of so little value that we are not worth saving? The more time we waste now the more will have a want of more time later, or even wanting another chance to do things over entirely. Even the most corrupt criminal organizations have a mentality that looks down upon procrastination and laziness, and yet we waste our lives on things that don't really matter only to end up wanting the things we don't have, the things that truly matter. As true as all of these principles are for the physical world they are for the spiritual world. Waste our time in life, the more we will want a life free of regret. There truly is no better time like the present for change and salvation. The apostle Paul reminds us of this, "Behold, now is the accepted time, behold now is the day of salvation."(2Corinthians6:2) the word behold was used so as to say," look at what's going on around you, look at where you are at." If our tumble toward the bottom doesn't make change apparent and necessary, then when? We seize the day to destroy ourselves and others, but often fail to act when change is the only direction we haven't strive in our attempt at. If everything we have done has not worked, then we must attempt what we haven't tried. This is the definition of change. We go after what destroys us by any means we can , so why don't we try to save ourselves or stop this pattern by any means we can? It's crazy we often try a hundred different ways to destroy ourselves, but often refuse the one way to save ourselves, and there truly is only one way to life as Jesus said it," I am the way, the truth, and the life no one comes to the Father except through Me."(John14:6) Though regardless of this truth we tend to strive through our own inflicted misery in ignorance, and wonder why? Once we truly embrace this truth we should hold onto life and salvation as desperately as we gripped onto death; you know...by any means necessary. Once change is realized and we are made alive in spirit, we should hold onto it no matter what and always act according to maintain it, regardless of exhaustion, awkwardness, embarrassment, pain or anything, and always with the mind set of ,"Whatever happens will happen, I will hang onto this life and truth no matter what". Life is so precious, and spiritual life is so priceless. At some point our value system has to change. At some point we must start seeing ourselves as more than unaffected dead carcasses.