Bishop Spong discussing Religious Pluralism and Interfaith relations

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1 David Zuniga PhD MDIV MA = "Thanks Shawn for sharing this video. It reminds me of so many of the reasons why I like Jack, as he goes by in his personal life. Jack may be the most published progressive, contemporary writer in the world. And this video shows why, because he is intelligent, well-informed, and talks about topics that matter. Because he has been at the forefront for decades supporting women’s rights, GLBTQ rights etc he is considered “controversial” in some quarters. He has actually received death threats-which says a lot about a lot of his critics. There are many things I could say about this video, and I agree with everything Jack says here, but I’ll focus on just two of his topics he covers in this video. First, I love how he says “I don’t think God’s a Christian” and “be deeply Islamic etc.” Jack has the honesty to admit that no single religion can encompass all truth for all people. If God exists, God is by definition beyond any words, language or concepts; it is literally impossible for any religion to have sole claim to absolute truth.  Similarly, I appreciate how he says the debate about gay rights is over and that it’s embarrassing. In addition to being a minister I’m a clinical psychologist and I can say Jack is 100% right that there is 0% evidence that being GLBTQ is in any way unhealthy or problematic. In my work as both a minister and psychologist I have sat deeply with people who are GLBTQ and families who are GLBTQ and they are just as good partners, couples, parents, community members, and members of society as people who are heterosexual. Just as we shouldn’t push our religion on others, we shouldn’t push our personal views about sexuality on others as well. I’m so glad I had the chance to study with Jack and I’m grateful for his ministerial work. Peace, David Zuniga, Minister, OnFaith Advisor, Psychologist   "
2 Shawn Bose = "Bishop Spong lays out his vision for an interfaith world in this segment, calling on each person to go deep into their faith in order to remove themselves from any limitations in their search for God - and then to share their understandings with each other to the benefit of all.  This is in many ways our hope for Deily, that people will learn more about their own faith and in doing so share it with others in the community so we can all learn from one another. "we believe religious tradition and teaching flourish when we analyze, discuss, and reconsider their meaning over time. Therefore, the real value of Deily springs from your understanding of religion, and your willingness to share that understanding, with other members of our community and have a real impact on each other’s daily lives." "