Does Holy Quran goes against Darwin's Theory of Evolution Dr Zakir Naik


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please read why we have become the 5th ape? by Faisal on . My work will give a basis to unify science and theology


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1 Sahil Badruddin = "“God…is not something posed over against the universe, in addition to it, nor is He the universe itself. He is not a “being,” at least not in the way that a tree, a shoemaker, or a god is a being; he is not one more object in the inventory of things that are, or any sort of discrete object at all. Rather, all things that exist receive their being continuously from Him, who is the infinite wellspring of all that is, in Whom (to use the language of the Christian scriptures) all things live and move and have their being. In one sense He is “beyond being,” if by “being” one means the totality of discrete, finite things. In another sense He is “being itself,” in that He is the inexhaustible source of all reality, the Absolute upon which the contingent is always utterly dependent, the unity and simplicity that underlies and sustains the diversity of finite and composite things.”- David Bentley Hart, (The Experience of : Being, Consciousness, Bliss, 30)"