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Harmless Curiosity

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Is there such a thing as harmless curiosity? Well...that depends on what we're curious about. The old saying is, "curiosity killed the cat." What was it that really killed the cat? Now, granted the cat was hit by a truck, and it was curiosity that compelled it to run into the street, but it's curiosity was not evil. It was merely a reaction to the object in the street. Although, the cat was not forced into pursuing after its curiosity. It possessed the control over this in itself. Whatever the outcome of the curiosity pursued dictates whether it was beneficial or not. Although we must look at the whole picture not just the end result. It's when this is done we see the mischievous youth who knew how the cat would react, threw the object anyway, and his plan involved waiting for an oncoming truck. With this whole picture, it is now clear the plan involved an understanding of the cats primal compulsive side. If the object was not thrown the fact is, the cat would not have been killed. So the boys in and of itself were driven out of destructive desire upon the cat, and the cat giving into its compulsive side succomed to a destructive action. The persons wishing to see destruction befall the cat, obviously had no real effect, but a wish desired built on a plan of action is something else entirely. It now becomes clear that the intention was to prey on the weakness of the cats physical and primal mind. We must remember the only thing that drove the cat into the street was it's own effort. This is how the enemy orchestrates his plans as well. He devises them in such a way that the target is the weakest part of our mind. He then lures us through compulsion and desire. To those who lack a real understanding of this spiritual truth will fail to these moments for what they really are, wherein they see them as merely coincidence or strange happenings. When we are dominated by our physical consciousness we lack the depth within ourselves to truly understand this and are often victimized by ourselves. The enemy's plan is put into motion out of negative intention just like the youth, but in truth he only has as much control as we allow. If we do not acknowledge these desires, then they can remain harmless, or even helpful to us. Negative influences, when living for Jesus Christ can help us reaffirm the progress we have made or are about to gain. Depending upon the character a negative experience can compelled us to strive for more growth or even solidify our strength and resistance to it even more so. To be a stranger to the spiritual consciousness that Jesus Christ brings is to be stranger to these helpful truths. Remember this state of mind, or better yet, this state of being is a conscious choice. The only power we posses on our own is the power over our choices. It is a conscious decision to give in and yield to the nothingness of temptation. Temptation and its power manifest through us. James reminds us, " each on is tempted when he lured by his desire for sin and enticed."1:14) The power of temptation comes from our commitment behind our decision which stems from desire. The enemy knows this,this is also why he attacks our compulsive physical consciousness, or primal mind. When His Spirit truly dwells within us, then our consciousness is constantly being renewed. For our physical mind this is an impossibility, which is demonstrated through its physical decay over time, and therefore remains vulnerable to these same desires and schemes. It's the ancient part of our mind that is constantly fooled by impulsive desire. The curiosity of flesh wants to feed on impulse. Animals act mostly on impulse. When we live with our focus fixated on feeding our impulses instead of Jesus Christ, we become nothing more than animals. Although, most animals will not often destroy themselves out of a curiosity, but we choose to. So if dominated by physical consciousness governed by impulse, then all curiosities can do serious damage to and even destroy us. If living for Jesus Christ and living by our spiritual consciousness then since He is life and prosperity, then so to are the fruits of our curiosities .