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Healing by Kneeling ...with a Little Help from Our Friends

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Healing by Kneeling ...with a Little Help from Our Friends by Gabriel of Urantia Many articles and books have been written on the subject of healing, so I would like to be as precise as possible without beating around the holy bush. First of all, if you look at any of the New Age periodicals and see all of the healers listed, you would think that no one should be sick at all! The fact is, however, people do die of all kinds of diseases and live physically painful lives even though all these healers are out there making all kinds of fantastic claims. There’s always a new method and a larger price to pay to someone who claims to have the answers to your illness. The American Medical Association (AMA) has the drug for every ailment, and the New Age healers have the metaphysical new touch to alleviate your every pain. The fact is that supernatural healings do happen. I have experienced this in the past in my own life as well as in the lives of others with healers who truly have a mandate from God to heal, like the deceased Katherine Coleman. She was the first to tell you that it was the power of God that healed, not her. I also believe that God does use individuals to help in the healing process. For thousands of years, Chinese acupuncture has worked in many ailments of the body, as well as sound and music therapy, healing mineral waters, crystal energy, herbology, and even massage to alleviate muscle pains and circulation problems. But rather than go on and list a thousand and one others, there is a spiritual truth that needs to be looked at for any healing to take place and an understanding that some healings will not completely take place due to no spiritual fault of the individual. The secret of the mystery of illness and healing has to do with destiny. First of all, you cannot understand destiny unless you understand that there is a God who created you, who knows you, and who has a destiny specifically for you to meet in every area of your life. Your career, and life partner, and significant others are some of those essentials that God foreordains for every individual. The problem is that when billions of individuals are making wrong choices in so many significant areas of their own lives, this affects your life too. This principle is understood to some degree by those on a spiritual path, but not to the degree necessary, or else we would have a world of wholeness and fulfillment. In order to properly teach the concept of meeting one’s destiny, it would truly take a Master in a spiritual school like those which are on some higher worlds of time and space. Here in Sedona, Arizona, these teachings are offered in The Starseed and Urantian Schools of Melchizedek, concept upon concept and precept upon precept. In relation to the concept of destiny, millions of individuals become ill with certain symptoms, like diabetes. Many of the Native Americans, who were hunters and gatherers and nomadic, suffer from diabetes because they are trapped in reservations and have lost their touch with nature and ability to exist with dignity. They were chased off their lands and eventually forced to live lives in which they ate foods that were harmful to them. Alcoholism is a result of the oppression brought upon them and adds to the symptoms of diabetes. The truth is, they lost their calling, their right livelihoods, and their destiny. All individuals on this planet suffer because of the wrong choices of others, who should be aids to other individuals along their destiny paths. Instead, many millions of individuals are just looking out for themselves, not being concerned about being their brothers’ and sisters’ keepers, not even realizing that this is indeed a true principle of God. The false teaching that we are all gods adds to the problem of ill health. It is the height of narcissism. We are separated by religions, politics, and often sheer survival. The rich families of the world control the masses, and now in America, even to attain middle class, both spouses have to work without really understanding that God has a destiny for them, which is not just making money. Materialism traps us in a non-actualized vortex. We get caught in negative powers that speed us in so many wrong directions until we’re either sick, crippled, or dead. On higher worlds of time and space cosmic families (see the book The Cosmic Family, Volume I) exist with the understanding of respecting elders who are our guides. There is an authority structure, a legitimate hierarchy that exists for the common good of all. This is how a divine administration functions on higher worlds and is beginning to function with approximately one hundred individuals from five continents in Sedona, Arizona in a prototype community called Aquarian Concepts Community, also called the First Planetary Sacred Home and Divine Administration. I have seen individuals take a truly holistic approach to living—eating properly, taking vitamins, exercising, getting the proper rest they need, and even seeking a spiritual path—and still they end up dying of diabetes or different forms of cancer. Why is this? After acquiring the cancer, they went to alternative healers, some even to the best of medical doctors, but nothing could stop the deterioration of their bodies. They, like billions of others, are the victims of significant souls who should be a part of their lives, who have chosen wrongly and helped to cause the non-actualization of millions of their brothers and sisters. This is what rebellion against God and divine laws does. It may be at various levels of evil (which is error), sin (which is more knowing of your wrong-doing), or iniquity (which you know you’re doing wrong and you just don’t care). The most successful forms of healing are what are called Morontia Counseling and Tron Therapy. Both of these forms are given to a mandated personality from Celestial Overcontrol to be taught to Destiny Reservists who have a true calling from God to become instruments of healing. Divine Administration has been applying the principles of both forms of healing for more than sixteen years now and has seen wonderful results. Morontia counseling has to do with counseling the soul and the soul’s astral deficiencies over many lifetimes of rebellion to God. Basically it is the rehabilitation of the soul; it is not traditional psychiatric counseling. Since we are what we think, an individual must begin to purify the mind circuitry by overcoming negative thought patterns and non-virtue behaviors. Myself being an audio fusion material complement, I was trained to be a morontia counselor by a being named Paladin who is a finaliter (see The URANTIA Book, p. 337). I, in turn, trained Marayeh Cunningham, Ph.D., who has more than 30 years experience in clinical psychology. Tron therapy then can be applied to aid in the body’s physical healing. Tron therapy will not work unless a person completely relinquishes his or her will to the will of God and is willing to deal with all negative patterns in his or her thought-life and personal relationships with other human beings. Tron therapy at this time can only be applied by the Mandate of the Bright and Morning Star, held by myself and my spiritual complement Niánn Emerson Chase. When an individual is a candidate for tron therapy, celestial beings work with the human healers to force out of the body all viruses, bacteria, and dio (out of divine pattern) dark matter that may be blocking the flow of blood or chi energy. Even these two marvelous and new forms of healing will not work completely if significant others (who are supposed to be helping an individual in his or her destiny purpose) have failed to meet their own destiny by wrong decisions and have not been willing to deal with their own sin within them—basically being in the permissive will of God (instead of His perfect will) at various levels. So once you begin to understand that your health and the health of your neighbors can be helped by each right decision you make in your relationship to a personal God, you really then can become a healer. As you begin to heal yourself, you will begin to heal others. I’m sure you have heard that line before, but I hope that after reading this that this truth is something you live moment to moment, not just something you’ve read or heard that went in one ear and out the other. In God’s kingdom there is no competition; there is only compliance with His will. His kingdom is just for all, and we all have a certain niche—a piece of the giant cosmic puzzle that only we can fit into. I couldn’t fit into your space in the puzzle, and you couldn’t fit in mine. Some may be similar, but no two are exact. We are all created uniquely different, with the very unique destiny encompassing many experiences and changes as we evolve. Eternity (which we are in right now) is ever-changing, and if you are not changing, you will be ill. I have seen many individuals have extended lives (when doctors said they would be dead in six months) and live many years after, because they truly began to change. Perhaps if all the peoples of the planet would begin to change by seeking God’s perfect will and serving one another, disease and death would be a thing of the past—just like it is on higher worlds of time and space.