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1 Mary S = ""It is only because of the great Messengers and Messages that humanity has even come this far with so much success, despite its many failures and errors.""
2 Shawn Bose = ""Fred Donner's early interest in the role of pastoral nomadic groups in Near Eastern societies led him to write a dissertation on the role of Arabian pastoral nomadic groups in the early Islamic conquest movement in Iraq in the seventh century C.E. His first book, The Early Islamic Conquests (Princeton University Press, 1981), examined this question in more detail, particularly the relationship between pastoral nomads and the state, as well as the more general processes of state-formation and state-expansion that, he thinks, were an integral part of the early conquest movement. He has also written several articles dealing with the question of pastoral nomads and their place in the history of the region."Read more about Professor Donner at The University of Chicago web site. "
3 Mary S = "Relevant:"
4 Selma Piro = "An updated Message for the world of Islam:"
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