I Woke Up: Thomas Merton & Buddhism

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1 gary gach = "Ben Neal : Sorry I cannot fulfill your request at the moment. Thank you for asking."
2 Ben N = "This lecture provides valuable context about Thomas Merton, his life and influences. Most importantly, Dr. Thurston makes clear that Merton's interest in Buddhism is not at all at odds with his Christian faith. Rather, his study of Zen deepens and enriches his life as a monk, and provides much needed practical tools for developing the inner life, the contemplative life, the life of prayer and union with God."
3 Cary W = "The blessing of studying an inner spirituality like Buddhism and a more social spirituality like Christianity is balance.  What we behold internally always enhances what and who we experience externally."
4 Cary W = "Contemplation is the beholding of the unlimited life of God within the context of apparent limitations."
5 Daniel W = "Thank you. So very helpful in knowing TM. "