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1 Sarah R = "Although the Creed was probably not written by the actual apostles, it is in agreement with their writings - with possible exception of the "holy Catholic Church", which was not then in existence. The disciples were Jewish, and saw their belief in Jesus as part of their Jewish faith. The church did not split from Judaism until after the disciples were gone. See also the Earliest Christian Creed. "
2 Cary W = "By giving it such a credit and name as "Apostles' Creed", when it is generally agreed among scholars to have not been written by them, raises the question as to why it was given that name.  Was it to attempt to give it Godly authority?  The truth needs no such authorization."
3 Sarah R = "The Creed presupposes monotheism. It was likely used within the church, as opposed to as an evangelical tool, and therefore did not need to be more explicit. This is kind of like how the Bible presupposes the existence of God. "
4 Sarah R = "See also this article in the Catholic Encyclopedia:http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/01629a.htm"
5 Cary W = "This analysis is really good of the Apostles' Creed, for it really does shine light on some of its errors and omissions from the gospel as taught primarily by Paul.  It may be considered also as to why the Catholic church has really failed to bring together the whole body of Christ as the Church of Jesus Christ.  It was begun by a politician to appease the disunity in his nation and not so much to represent the Good News of Christ and the message of salvation."