Reza Aslan Muslim scholar and writer of Zealot admits Quran wrong about Jesus's crucifixion


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1 Sahil Badruddin = ""The Qur’anic denial of the crucifixion must be understood in its proper context: the Qur’an is only denying that the People of the Book crucified Jesus – and this appears to be in response to their boasting to have done so. A neutral reader may easily conclude that the Qur’an intends to say that the death of Jesus was ultimately due to God’s will and not the desires of those who may have actually killed him. One then wonders: how did the view that Jesus was not crucified take root in the Islamic world? Interestingly, the earliest textual evidence stating that Muslims deny the historical event of the crucifixion is not actually Muslim at all - it comes from the writings of the Christian Church Father, St. John of Damascus.2 He made the statement to his Christian flock in the eight century, asserting that the Qur’an denied Christ’s crucifixion for his own polemical purposes of refuting the early success of Islam.  While it is true that most Qur’anic commentators came to deny the crucifixion of Jesus, this view is not actually rooted in the Qur’anic verses but comes from tafsir which rely on other material from extra-biblical Judeo-Christian sources3 . But the denial of the historical crucifixion was only one view among others on the subject to emerge from the Islamic world. There have been alternate interpretations of the same Qur’anic verses which collectively offer a range of perspectives on the crucifixion – from total denial to actually asserting that the crucifixion did take place historically."- “They Killed Him Not” The Crucifixion in Shi‘a Isma‘ili Islam, Khalil Andani "