Romans 7:7 - 8:17 with Pastor Dave Adams

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1 Cary W = "Because we humans are so prone to self justification, compromise, and self delusion, God gave us His Law to expose the utter sinfulness of even the smallest of errors.  Any deviation from holiness and purity in motive and desire, grieves God's heart.  When we remember He bore the consequences for our sin and offers us free pardon, it produces a heart that only longs to please Him, for His kindness, mercy and compassion are so convincing that God is worthy of our love and faithful in His guidance."
2 Cary W = "We cannot ever please God, nor make ourselves holy and good.  Goodness and holiness are gifts given us as we believe God set us right with Him, God works His righteousness into our lives, as we simply seek His face, trust in His power and grace, and surrender, getting out of the way of His good purposes worked in and through us.  Grace, grace, grace!"