The Last Ten Days of Ramadan, Laylatul-Qadr and I'tikaf

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1 Sahil Badruddin = " "The enemies of Islam have attacked its outward manifestations and constantly attempted to show that its practice (even such essentially elevating manifestations as prayer, fasting, alms, etc.) is impossible in modern and civilised conditions. Unfortunately, the 'Ulama' -- the savants -- have played into the hands of the enemies. The present practices of Islam took shape and form at the time when the schoolmen reigned supreme in East and West alike.... If Islam is ever to fulfil its mission it must have a universality not only in space, namely, throughout the earth, but in time, namely, as long as mankind exists on this globe. "We maintain that the Prophet only ordered prayer, fasting, and gentleness in all human relations, kindliness and consideration for all beasts and animals from the smallest worm to the largest mammal.... "If, rightly, the Muslims have kept till now to the forms of prayer and fasting as practised at the time of the Prophet, it should not be forgotten that it is not the forms of prayer and fasting that have been commanded, but the facts, and we are entitled to adjust the forms to the facts of life as circumstances changed. It is the same Prophet who advises his followers ever to remain Ibnu 'l-Waqt (i.e. children of the time and period in which they were on earth), and it must be the natural ambition of every Muslim to practise and represent his Faith according to the standard of the Waqt or spacetime." Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah, Aga Khan III's 1934 Foreword to 'Muhammad: A Mercy to All Nations' by Al-Hajj Qassim Ali Jairazbhoy (London, United Kingdom) "