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The Prodigal Son verses The Good Son

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1 Sarah Mangum = "Hello Liutoa,Thanks for adding your content on Deily.  You can actually upload the video from youtube and have it displayed in our player on Deily.  If you click the "add content" button and choose "video", you can copy and paste your video from youtube.  Please let me know if you'd like any more help with this and I can message you directly.  Thanks,Sarah MangumMarketing & Content Manager, Deily.org"
2 James Oppenheimer = "It is a bit trivial, but the term is "versus", not "verses", and spelling words correctly is a good way to avoid confusion. I had been scrathing my head for some time and then (I am making an assumption there. correct me if I'm wrong!) it would seem you just dropped a link for something, but you never actually gave any reason why anyone ought to look at it. Please, give us your own words, why you felt this was worth posting. I hesitate to look at stuff when the poster has not enough interest to explain what it is they are posting. You might think this is harsh, but would you not prefer that others read what you posted??? Give some idea what you have put up, and perhaps some will be interested enough to follow up. It seemed to me, the first few times I saw this, that the software had simply lost your entry. And the subject line was most confusing."