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The resion of the multitude of religion.

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Latin and its destruction to the romance language's show what time and space can do to a language. Watch the histroy of the bible as it was forced onto yourup and the absorption of other religious holidays, show how corrupt a religion can become due to times eye. Religion and god our things that hold value, but to trust man to deliver something older then timw itself is foolish. As Mosis and the book of judges tought us, mankind hasa habbit of going against god. So how can a man trust his faith to do right by god if hindered by mankind's basic demons? Thankfully we learned math and psychology. We understand critical thinking. But for thoughs that want to study and learn of god, remember to love is to be godly, to hate is to be of the devil. Anything that teaches hate or bigotry is of mans hand, not gods toung. For those that truly want to praise god read all of mans books, and look past hate. For then you will find god.

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1 William Zanelli = "First off. You are making a false assertion that the Bible has been preserved only through the efforts of man. You forget that God is in control and has kept the Bible whole and as He originally intended it to be. Secondly, you are making the mistake that many make in thinking that there is no direct connection to the people that wrote the Bible and to the Times that the events took place. We may not have the original manuscript to go to, but they were so widely accepted and delved over and copied that we could bout together the whole of the New Testament just from the writings of the first century Church Fathers."
2 James F = "The bible never says that. The has been translated so many time even if it did, it be nonsense made by man.Good reference material though."
3 William Zanelli = "What do you mean "The Bible never said that."? Do you mean that it was not the Word of God? If so, I would encourage you to 're read it because there are many places where it states that these are the Words of God. In fact, all the books of the Prophets state, this says the Lord."
4 James F = "It was also stated that he/she gave us the word of god,Your also talking about passeges that is older then most country's, written in a language that is dead, i think a few dead languages probably. Translated by scholars and by dead kings. Multiple times. Or the fact that it obsorbed romen gods desgised as saints and varied holidays from cultures that Britain assimilated over the millennium, particularly during the crusades."
5 William Zanelli = "So, by your logic, we can not trust the writings of someone who is ancient, such as Plato, Archemides, Socrates, or Homer. What about ancient learnings, such as Mathematics, Physics, or Psychology? Since they are based on the writings of dead languages and dead people, are they no longer fit to be believed? Pathagorus lived in Ancient Greece and spoke a dead language, yet we accept what he taught. There is no proof that Socrates even existed outside of the writings of Plato, yet we do not question his existence. We are closer to the manuscripts of the Bible than we are to the manuscripts of Homer, yet we do not question their translation. Why is it that it is only when dealing with the Bible do arguments like this come up?"
6 William Zanelli = "As to your comment about the dead language, I would like to make a side note that English seems to be a dead language to you, or at least a very sick one. It is hard to understand what you are saying when you use  bad grammar, misspelled words, and wrong words. That said, a dead language only means that it is not in common usage.There are many scholars that read, write and speak these dead languages. Also, Mondern Hebrew was reestablished using Biblical Hebrew. By having the texts to learn the language, it was actually brought back from the dead. "
7 William Zanelli = "As to your argument re: "Translated by scholars and by dead kings" Nothing was actually translated by the Kings. The commissioned the translations to be done. And they were translated  into the modern language of the time. However, my point, as stated earlier, is that we can go back to the first century and proof the manuscript text. Thru the writings of Polycarp and other early church fathers, we can piece together the entirety of the New Testament as early as 100 AD, which is not even a generation from when they were first written. The closest we can come to Homer is 500 years. And most modern do not rely on those "translated by dead kings" but go back to the most trusted manuscripts that are available. And as to "translated by scholars" who else would you want translating the books? Construction workers? Engineers? It is what scholars do. Egyptian writings are translated by Egyptian scholars. Babylonian writings are translated by Babylonian scholars. The Bible is translated by Biblical Scholars. It is , by definition, the way it works."
8 James F = "Brain damage, easy blow to attack some ones spelling. Cheap to.Latin is far from dead by the way, many still pratice it and up to the 1800s it was still used by the Vatican. Poor school of thought to counter with. Even poorer when you consider your book is full of contradictions and hate. The sick view of marriage by rape. Or many other ugly things. Your book is the same as spitting on gods feet. Keep your attacks from me and I'll not attack you."