The Truth About Christianity


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1 Cary W = "Love only sets free, never insisting on anything but actions resonating with love, and even when opposed offers no resistance or attack, but patiently awaits its silence, tenderness and genuineness to break through all barriers to itself."
2 Cary W = "We surrender our independence naturally when we know in our depths that all of our thoughts, feelings, actions and words profoundly effect a loved one so dear.  Her pain is my pain, and visa versa.  The same goes for our joys."
3 Cary W = "We are absolutely valued in the eyes of God, through the Logos Jesus sacrifice of love.  To fear the rejection of men simply puts back into bondage, when Christ has already set us free from rule based and authoritative relationships."
4 Cary W = ""Our pleasure and our duty, Though opposite before; Since we have seen his beauty, Are joined to par no more:  To see the Law by Christ fulfilled, To hear His pardoning voice, Transforms a slave into a child  And duty into choice" - John Newton"