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Understanding Love

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Love is an amazing thing, an amazing outward expression of how one is feeling internally. Love is a deep emotion, meaning it starts from within a place in our spirit, or the depths of us. All truly wholesome emotions flow our from the spirit. The reason being these wholesome things belong to, and are of God and He teaches all things through spiritual means. Love encourages life and growth. Love compels people to change for the better. It will also drive others into harms way to protect another. Love does not destroy and it does no harm(1Corinthians13:4-8) It more often is the sudden departure of love and it's absence that cultivate the destructive traits. When love leaves, because of how deep it is connected to us, we feel that ripped or torn feeling as love departs. Left In its place is void. The truth is we are not actually capable of producing this wolesome love by ourselves. It is only produced from within by God. This is the cause of us feeling at loss on what to do, on how to fill this void. From this void generate frustration sorrow and despair. Emotions that do not promote growth or life will always come out of void. We, so often make vain attempts to repair or cope with this lack we feel through void by repression. This is opposite of growth and will hinder any real progress we wish to achieve. Life is what we do everyday ,it is what continues on whether we are in it or not. It is what we are to be the embodiment of and it can not be repressed. Therapy and counseling are two ways of many that we learn how to deal with the void of loves absence. It often teaches us to balance our level of contentment with it, but in actuality offers no real solution to fill this void. It's these patients who are often told "you must learn how to love yourself" in order to deal with this, but we as the church see the immediate error of this. To love ones self is a slippery slope to selfishness and a self centered lifestyle, wherein we might forget how to properly love others. Christ prayed an amazing and powerful prayer when He said," I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one"(John17:23) Remember God is love and all love is of God this is permanent and an eternal truth. So to seek contentment outside of Him is to seek it amidst void and lack. God is perfect and His love is perfect, we just struggle , because of flesh , trying to demonstrate that which is perfect. This then causes arguments, fighting, and quarreling. Our failure, not His. To attempt to live opposite of this is to attempt to live opposite of that unified prayer that Christ prayed, an impossibility. This is what generates a feeling of hopeless sorrow, our spirit realizes the futility of this and conveys this truth to us the only we will respond, through emotions. Some neurologists might say emotions are nothing more than a chemical release caused from some stimulus, but what compels or causes this release? There is no real stimulus present, the only external (love)has been removed there now is less present than before, there now is void. In truth it is our spirit that is first made aware of this and communicates it to us physically, by causing the release of certain chemicals. Whether believed or not,(John1:3,4)l life came from God, and we know God is love, (1John4:8) so true wholesome love that brings forth life and growth is from God as well as all wholesome emotion. These are all rooted in our spirit, and since we can not repair or own spirit or solve it's lack we must be tapped into His supply. All these wholesome emotions are a gift from God that are to be used to express and magnify the things of God, and how he makes us feel, as well as others. To go against this is to go against His perfect design plan and the life He brings through Jesus Christ. This is why our emotional state is so destructive without Him, because we lack that quality of life and love, and this means love motivated by our love for God through our spirit, but expressed externally. This is a wholesome positive live that produces creativity. The flesh knows only lust, which is destructive and corrupting. Love is an absolute necessity of spiritual living. In (John15:12-17) Jesus leaves us a very specific commandment,"This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you." To try to live this lifestyle without sincere love is useless. We must always try to love the best that we are able. The truth on love is this, to try to serve God without love, real genuine love makes ones religion useless. If we do what it is we should, except love than we have become the epitome of a pharisee. Our faith is supposed to work through love, wholesome love. It is not faith working through the effort of being good. Although, wholesome love is good, but just attempting to be good that often lacks love will not be good enough. Good people will not usually endure all things as those with love. Remember it was out oGod's love He sent His Son. In (Matthew19:17) Jesus reminds us of the truth on goodness the rich man says to Jesus Good teacher Jesus stops him and responds," Why do you call Me good? No one is good, but One, that is, God." This is why we must strive to allow His love to flow through us we will never be good, but we can become better and maybe even good at expressing His love.