Was the Apocrypha part of the original King James Bible?

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZD7SH-dvlIc

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1 Deacon William Gallerizzo = "The printed book might have the apocrypha in it but it is also labeled "apocrypha"  which means that it is not fully accepted as divinely inspired. Apocrypha serves a good purpose in that it often contains details not present in holy scripture. But that does not mean that it is totally correct or divinely inspired. Try reading a news event that happened in New York but published in Honolulu. Honolulu might have much of it right, but not nearly as well as the NY Times, just because of proximity to the event. It is good to read apocrypha as it provides for some of the traditional info, but it still needs to be read a bit more critically as it may contain more opinion and and subjective interpretation in the writing of it than scripture."