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In a time of “branding” and social media craze who owns the rights to Wicca? Apparently everyone! Who’s really running the show? A leading contender seems to be the book publishing companies, these leading authorities seem to hold all the answers and share a portion of them with the eager audience ready to buy another Wicca 101 book that only takes its reader so far in this mystic plight and Journey of ones soul with the Gods. The second runner up is of course, the Internet. YouTube is filled with throngs of teenagers who, although don’t have a complete grip on puberty and hormones yet but are self proclaimed experts in the spiritual realms of Wicca. The third and final example pertinent to this blog is Cosplay/Larping. Dressing up as witches and wizards and having others playing along helps increase the belief in ones magic powers, especially if one hand washes the other. It’s time for a new evolution of Wicca. Most know me from my fortune telling prowess and local popularity with AusetGypsy and others know my devotion to Modern Isiacism, My priesthood In the Fellowship of The Goddess Isis or my work traveling coast to coast teaching various subjects as Isiacism , Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, candle magic and…… Wicca. Due to the popularity of those other topics my Wiccan experience has remained quietly in the Broom closet. Until now. Working closely with many, many Pagan & Wiccan communities, covens and Metaphysical shops/centers I was always the side man to be called on when a substitute Wiccan priest was needed, which was rare and because of heading my Iseum of the Sacred Lotus ( living temple to Isis) I was usually preoccupied with fulfilling that role in the community. However participating and assisting Wiccan clergy during many full moon esbats and Seasonal sabbats over the years add up and now I find my self at a very perplexing crossroads. To start a coven or not? Like anything else I do, tradition must be broken in some areas and upheld respectively in other areas. Should I contribute a new coven to the 21st century then it needs to offer something new and different ! I’ve shared ideas and structures with Wiccan friends and acquaintances and received mixed reviews and warnings about rocking the boat. I’ll rock the boat thank you. My experience with Wicca has NOT been through books alone, a majority has been hands on living experience. Passing through many a coven and community all over the country, some were spiritually enhancing experiences and some were lessons learned the hard way of what mistrust and ego can do and how it can destroy a community. So my first initial direction is NOT towards any books. I’m actively against modern idolatry of author worship. Though it seems a majority of earth loving, spirit seeking Wiccans first offer their hard earned money and energy to the all mighty publishing houses and their rock star assortment of authors in hopes that ‘THAT’ one book, THAT book of all books will finally be published sharing every secret to the universe That will make that buyer a REAL witch. This is a disease and an addiction to consumerism. There is a strong and distinct difference between constant reading about Wicca and actually practicing it. In the beginning Wicca liked to think it offered alternative thinking, inspiring individuality , freedom from being told what to do by some book ( I.e bible, Torah, quaran, etc) giving the individual spiritual seeker the confidence to build a relationship with Mother Nature and Her Pagan companions on their own. Today it seems authors are gurus with too much power projected on them and their word is law. Here’s the gripe, weren’t spiritual seekers trying to disconnect themselves from any books giving them laws? I do think an author is worthy of respect for the time and energy they took for putting into words their experience but unfortunate with Wicca each experience will be unique. The first test on the Wiccan path is that daring step to enter a world on your own and let the God/ess’ guide you and you might be guided to certain literature, art or experience with other people. That’s the beauty of the whole thing! Internet Wicca is limited, it’s great for introverts and players but it also helps isolated people and others who may wish to be anonymous for their personal reasons, so my argument is not Internet socialability. My point how ever is trusting anyone on the screen because they’re on tv. In the 21st century Internet is an amazing outlet for inspiration and on the other extreme it’s over kill and over abundance of sources can become confusing and exhausting. The key is again a pagan practice of moderation. It’s another test, moderate, balance and trust your inner voice to tell you when enough is enough. Of course there’s plenty of vimeo and YouTube stars , so many teenagers dressed up like Robert Smith of The Cure claiming magical powers and doing their damnedest in rebelling their parents, religion and local society. That’s a rite of passage in Growing up, we all did it. The gothic image so embedded in Wicca is a mere facet not a whole. Though in America Wicca has become the temporary religion of the self created outcast, the loner and the misfit. There’s a reality to that, poets, artists and romantics will naturally be drawn to a spiritual path that offers creative expression but we must be careful of how much of that can be used as a crutch. Hot Topic shoppers and Bauhaus listeners are only a portion of Wicca and shouldn’t be the only face known to the public, most times after college graduation all those cheap pewter Pentacles, black vinyl trench coats and combat boots end up in the garbage when it’s time to interview for roles in their college trained 9-5 jobs and again another chance for Wicca to evolve is stumped. I think Wiccans of the 50’s,60’s & 70’s had a better grip in integrating Wicca beliefs into mainstream society pre-1980’s goth movement. Since its been stumped , limited and not allowed to flourish and not because of the goth scene but because of the transient period of people’s lives that scene has and when it’s over it seems the whole moment is thrown away in embarrassment, bad memories or other. Today Larping or live action role play and cosplay have usurped the 20th century Ren Faire. Another creative outlet displaying extravagant costumes and flawless design, the geek made chic movement. Kudo’s and applause. The unfortunate blurry line between Wicca and cosplay though is the bridge recognized as ‘magic’. Magic in witchcraft and Wicca has a very important role, but it’s not the same as wizard hurling lighten bolts but all too often these roles are confused and again when practicing Wicca doesn’t produce Hollywood epic results most people drop Wicca and realize that playing dress up or video games fulfills that empty area of the imagination that they thought Wicca might complete. Again Wicca is thwarted and is cut off once more. Wicca so early on can become a disposable belief system that ends before it begins. What are Wiccan beliefs in the 21st century? Dogma. Seems more and more authors are introducing heavy ceremonial magick and dogma. I’d like to stray away from these subjects both in this blog and in my personal pursuit of Wicca. They’re too lengthy and my views aren’t all that positive in those arenas. Wicca in the 21st century can and should evolve beyond book collections, anonymous internet chats and it must survive and over come Larping. Wicca means craft of the wise traditionally, that doesn’t mean it must be limited to the leading brand published books on the subject, it’s time to evolve it. But in order to evolve traditions must be broken so new buds can blossom. There’s doesn’t need to be any disrespect for the tapestry of devotion and work that’s come before us that our Wiccan predecessors diligently worked hard to accomplish but it’s time to contribute new ways of viewing Wicca, new ways of practice , new ways of devotion. Wicca has appropriated and absorbed so much from different cultures and peoples that it’s not just a Celtic witchcraft cult anymore. It’s worldwide, its roots are various flavorings of different cultures Pagan ideology, art, poetry and mythologies. Wicca’s structure is strongly established, the people have unconsciously or purposely accepted a Wiccan format and a Skelton structure is in place, now lets decorate it differently and stretch the boundaries. Maybe we can drop the velour capes and Ren Faire attire? Maybe we can clean Wicca up some and make it comfortable for new comers? The real questions arise then and we must decide what’s more important now: the actual practice of Wicca and Her spiritual philosophies? Living the path in all levels of mundane life. Image and hokey attire? Would it be best to make a more comfortable environment for all? 3) Not pledging for so much outside acceptance but finding inner peace and inner balance within first? Draw the acceptance instead of demand it? This is the beginning where it gets tricky and we must ask ourselves these questions and more then mediation, contemplation and divine intervention is required. I’d like to see Wicca evolve and mature philosophically too. It’s established structure based on Pagan philosophy and detailed with modern views in the past is rich, there’s so much depth that needs more exploring. Wicca as the link that unites human and nature again is the core goal, all of the other ritual and practice is mere ginger bread. Too many get lost in the ‘Hollywood Witchy’ dress up of it all, it’s become to stereotypical and it distracts people from the real purpose. A perfect balance of all 5 elements, a perfect circle between material and spiritual life and a Perfect love and perfect trust between the seeker and their path. There’s a lot to think about, so much work to be done and unlimited horizons to take Wicca in he 21st century! Last question, so…who’s with me? .

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1 Korin Robinson = "James Jacob Pierri is a professional Fortune Teller, Proprietor of AusetGypsy.com, Rev & Preist in the Iseum Of The Sacred Lotus, practicing Wiccan and Wiccan priest. Studies at Cherry Hill Pagan seminary and focuses on neo-Pagan research. Holds certifications in Massage therapy, Ayurvedic medicine, Yoga instructor and is a published writer, artist and musician."