World Religions Through Their Scripture

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1 Enakshi Ganguly = "Hinduism wasn't even a particular 'religion' until the British created laws from Hindu texts and mandated that they be followed by Hindus. In reality, what we know today as 'Hindus', are regionally very varied depending on their ethnicity, language, and caste.There are Vaishnava, Shivaite, and Shakti traditions, three among many many many sects. These major three sects have historically debated on whose God is more supreme: Vishnu, Shiva or the Mother Goddess? They all had movements within their respects sects - movements that drew out poetry, literature, and heated debates and violence. This history is, unfortunately, not provided to many Hindus. We all think that Hinduism is polytheistic (which may be true), and that monotheism was brought to us by colonizers (which is also not completely untrue), yet, we did have discourses around who is the Ultimate God and who are the false gods. The debate around monotheism, therefore, was not introduced to the sub-continent around the 18th/19th century through Europeans, rather, these debates reach back to the 10th and 11th century from the scholars of the royal court to the Dalits in the rural village side."
2 Enakshi Ganguly = "I was always surrounded by friends and family of different religions. My mom allowed me to go to church when i was in the 6th grade, it was a Mormon church, very quite and hush. Then I went to a Baptist church, very spirited and bright. Then I went to a Methodist church, very hospitable. Then I went to a Catholic Church, and it felt like a part of home. I went to so many churches, temples, monasteries, mosques as I grew up. My mom dropped me off at my Pakistani Muslim friend's house and we would play all day with her and her five siblings. It was so much fun to be surrounded by people (I am an only child). I remember once they all came over and we painted one another's nails. Never once did it occur to me that there was a larger sphere of hatred, violence and war. Growing up, the first language I truly understand was love. And I did not even need words to express it."
3 Enakshi Ganguly = "Something this video does not address is some of the most pivotal fights and revolutions and disagreements that have occurred in the world have occurred within one system of religious belief. It would be interesting to complicate the narrative this video establishes and ask: what are the borders of each religion and how do they relate and not relate? What makes them different and similar? More importantly, why are they divided and how has the world changed because of that? These are big questions but they are vital to understanding that divides within and between religions go beyond misunderstandings and debates. Sometimes, they are bits of Truth fighting to be Known by one another."