Lutheranism is a major branch of Western Christianity that identifies with the theology of Martin Luther, a German monk and theologian. Luther's efforts to reform the theology and practice of the Catholic Church launched the Protestant Reformation in German-speaking territories of the Holy Roman Empire. Beginning with the 95 Theses, first published in 1517, Luther's writings were disseminated internationally, spreading the early ideas of the R... View more

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8 Things You Can Do To Welcome the Refugee Christ

Refugees want what we all want–life and liberty, and maybe just the tiniest possibility of pursuing happiness.

"Happy Lent" ?

An Ash Wednesday Homily // Originally posted on The Unexpected Pastor

5 Reasons to Celebrate Advent

Rather than rushing into Christmas, take time to observe the season of Advent.

Peace Lutheran Sermon - An Average Joe

I have always loved the Call of Moses in Exodus 3. The first thing is this burning bush, which is a symbol of God's presence. Moses is told to take...

STATEMENT — Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service Opposes New Executive Ac...

“While it appears that the Administration has sought to correct some of the flaws contained in the first executive order, this newly issued one sti...

8 Religious Charities to Donate to in 2017

Pre-vetted, pre-approved charities doing great work at home and abroad.

Imposition of Ashes

Video used for the Imposition of Ashes on Ash Wednesday, March 4th, 2014 Grace Lutheran Church, Pocatello, ID Scriptures: Psalm 51, Joel 2:12-16

In The Fight Against Global Poverty, Here Are 3 Signs Of Hope For 2017

Too often, the focus on the suffering caused global hunger and poverty makes it seem like little progress is being made. But hope abounds in these ...

A Christian packing list for the Women’s March on Washington

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The Christian Anthem - Song for America

Written by Lee Behnken in 1997 Inspired by David Barton of Wall Builders and Public School Chaplaincy of America Audio recording in 1998 - Video pr...

Bible Study: The Lord's Supper - Sanctus

The Rev. Todd Peperkorn, senior pastor of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Rocklin, California, leads this Bible class about the Sanctus portion of th...

#406- Does the Lutheran religion honor one baptism?

#406- Does the Lutheran religion honor one baptism?

Epiphany February 1,2015 God Revealed in a Skeptical World!

The manger is empty.  Jesus is loosed in the world feeding the hungry, welcoming the stranger, healing the infirmed.  He left Bethlehem and began...

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