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Manifesting in the Moment

Manifesting is about creating a different life, a different reality for yourself in the future.   This process does also have value in the moment because by giving you positive energy now towards whatever the project or issue is, it improves the quality of your time now, in the moment.

But when I meditated the other morning and said my mantra, “There is only the present moment, all else is thought,”  I realized that one should also manifest the moment.

How so, the reader might ask.   The moment is what it is; how can you manifest it?  Yes, things are the way they are because it’s just the way it is, but how you relate to the present moment is not a given.   That is under your control.

Just like manifesting in the traditional sense is changing how you approach your desires, the kind of energy you bring to them, realizing the things within you that hinder the realization of these desires, manifesting in the moment is changing how you view the moment.   

Typically, when we talk about changing how we relate to the present moment, it’s all about acceptance, having faith that it’s all ok, that it will work itself out.   This is a critical aspect of our practice to end our suffering.

But what if you took your present circumstance, whatever it is, and were able to find in it the very things that you are trying to manifest in the future, not the specifics but the same type of value.  For example, let’s say you are manifesting abundance, specifically enough money so that you have no wants, that you can do what you want

At the moment, that specific is definitely not the case.   But if you look at the moment, you will find abundance in other forms and you will see that you, your true self as opposed to your mind, is free of wants.

Even if you are in the most destitute of situations, if you look at your life with dispassion, you will be able to find many things, whether in your present or past, which provide you with the same feelings you are trying to manifest.   And if you find that feeling in the present, you will be at peace.

​If you learn to relate to the present in this fashion, what you will attain is far more than acceptance, it is gratefulness and joy.   And that in turn will lessen the danger of your becoming attached to the things you are manifesting for the future.   You will have achieved a sound basis for saying, “If it happens, great; if it doesn’t happen, that’s ok too.”

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