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Satanism is averse to loose ends, it is a philosophy of confidence, that all things are ultimately reconcilable, that all darkness is unified within the evil spirit. Satanism recognizes that evil is the inherent nature of mankind, that all men are created evil. To deny this fact leads to self-doubt, weakness and a worthless death. Satanism is for the death defiant and for those that seek to live forever through Satanic Singularity. This being the merging of flesh with machine, which is an inevitable causality of man's next step in evolution (evil-ution). Satanism is a hierarchal evil, it intuits that a demonic pecking order exists, that the weak are consumed by the strong, this is the way of true Luciferian attainment. It embraces that all demonic names are the same and supersede all other religions as inventions of fear-ridden minds in denial of themselves and their true Satanic nature. Satanism resolves that resolutions sometimes cannot be found. Yet, Satanism is inscrutable and forever, that what will happen can be manipulated in accordance to the will of the black magic practitioner. Mayhem may abound in Satanic potential, either in meaningful or meaningless destruction. Yet, this transpires out of the intent of Satanic passion. Satanic Man is committed to Luciferian Law in the world and beyond. It does not require a leap of faith as many sheeple fall onto the sword of faith. It is crucial for the Satanist to regard evil as intractable and wantoness and accept it as natural and formidable. Luciferian Law - A consummation that attains the heights, perfects the flaws of creation and bades the universe to renew itself in Satanic continuance. The Satanist cries aloud, I live, I evil, I burn. I move exponentially to a new plateau of human existence. I pierce the horizon in vainglory and psychic supremacy, to overcome all transcendental obstacles and unify oneself in the formulation of eternal darkness. The Satanist seeks to elevate himself to a higher state of Satanic existence. This is an innate cosmic-thrust within his psychic channel and in consecration of his imperative to have fame, fortune, power and over-lordship over the world or worlds within the spectrum of all things. In the absence of ambition, why live? Ambition is the cog in the machination to achieve the ultimate conquest of the universe, a cosmic will to advance above the slumbering masses trapped in starvation, overpopulation and a one-dimensional existence. In the cosmic void there is no ransom paid for life as it comes cheap in an overpopulated world, spirits are truncated and devoured after death (transmigration denied). Evil-Omnipresent - Evil is everywhere, it motivates on different levels and wavers not in its absolution. Evil is ever on the march in psychic consciousness. The potential for evil reaches its fullest spiritual existence indirectly, it is inexorable and horrific in its spectacle, its ultimate aim is to regard truth as a consequence and the outcome being the acceptance of one being a God, to strive to be the highest and best in the hierarchy of Hell throughout the universe. Ave Satanas Winter Laake