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Be Gentle

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1 Kaleb Thomas Clare = "Be gentle with yourself ... and then be gentle with your brother.Here is the "place" that "All good deeds" arise ...When we learn to be gentle with ourselves ... we learn to be gentle with our brother.It is imperative, I think, that we learn gentleness today ... if for no other reason than that our "attack and defeat" modus has been completely futile. It maintains a status quo of "us vs them" and is replete with fear. In order to "gain safety" we have taught ourselves that imprisoning our brother is our only means to safety.Yet ... how long must we end up where we started from ... in fear.Peace is not a "thing to be won" ... but rather a thing to be gently embraced.But we have taught ourselves that "gentleness" is a forebearer of weakness. Yet ... when we see honestly and look at the real "changes for good" they have ALL held a precursor of a "gentle forgiveness" built by the strength of one who even in the face of seeming death still yet maintained a posture of "I am as you are" ... and how I experience you is in direct reflection of how I experience myself.We are not "called to arms" except that our arms are made to embrace. It is within our very nature no matter what appearances seem to say. Man is unique perhaps only because he has "the freedom of choice" ... and what I choose to believe is the determinant of what I will achieve.What is it that that Gentle Soul within you would believe?"