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A Treasure Hidden

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1 Kaleb Thomas Clare = "A Treasure Hidden ...  There IS a place within, seeming guaranteed by a Source that can be found both within as without - yet it really is not a place at all but a "thing" that is unlike the things I see or hear or even sense in this world.  How does one know that it even exists at all?  You see ... that is the key. How you answer that question may indeed be the mystery that has been sealed since the Beginning ... It was intentionally hidden that you would seek it and find through all your seeking "out there" that the treasure was not there.  And yet ... it DOES remain within as without.  The Quantum Theorists suggest they are reaching a whole new way of "being human", and yet too suggest it is not only not new but as ancient as written history has professed and perhaps even extending back to the "Original First Instant" within the first milliseconds of Life (stretching all the way back to that First Cataclysmic Event when Life Itself spawned its First Energy Release and the Universe Itself was conceived. In fact, say these theorists, all of the Universe ... every atom ... every particle of energy ... yes ... too, every cell within your body ... boldly demonstrates its Memory of this Sacred Secret.  It is within you this very moment ... and when properly discerned (namely through the fabric of Your Own Innocence, recognized only by a Mind that holds no preconceived idea of What It Is) it waits in Silence.  But ... It will boil you up ... it will spill you over ... it will shudder its way through your very body ... it will shatter your beliefs and collapse your way of even seeing.  It ... is ... wild. It is untamed and untameable ... It is like a stallion that streaks across your Mind, burning away all little thoughts and replaces them with the Grand Idea of Who You Really Are. It is in you right now ... waiting with a seeming limitless capacity for patience.It will ignite you ... inflame you .. and "burn you up" ... leaving behind the ashes of your little thoughts ... and rise like a Phoenix to race across the Universe and finally arrive Home ... welcomed by Your Source and Bathed by Its Gratitude for your willingness to let go of all you thought you were."