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Christian Mysticism Expands the Small World

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It seems in our small world Christ enters and leaves as we try to grasp Our Lord in a tight fist of a hand, but when we open the mind to the vast, deep and limitless Christ mind, then we relax and rest in a state of peace. We let go and “Let Thy Will be Done.” We are no longer tied or grasping a human predicament. We are no longer poking about our interior with a flashlight, but opening the blinds, windows and doors of our Soul to the present moment of God. We no longer seek God because we know he is always present so later we seek the barriers that separate us from That Glorious Presence.

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1 Enakshi Ganguly = "Matthew 6:10"
2 Enakshi Ganguly = "This reminds me of what my friend said to me after she came back from her church workshop. We were talking about being patient for realization and Oneness w God, and she said that we are like pictures being developed in a green room. It's dark and we don't know what is going on or what is happening to us but we must trust in it. If we become impatient and want to be exposed to light too quickly, our image may not come out right. We may look faded out, distorted, incomplete, all because we did not trust in that process long enough for us to fully know ourselves and realize that we are Known.  I loved that sentiment."
3 Shawn Bose = "This alignment of the self with the divine is often the central aim of the spiritual journey. I love how this is described in the Divine Comedy when the Pilgrim Dante when he reaches the top of Mt. Purgatory when his guide Virgil says to him  "Await no more a word or sign from me. Your will is straightened, free and whole. Let pleasure be your guide. I crown and miter you over yourself""