Ho'oponopono - Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale - parte 2

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1 Cary W = " Dr. Hew Len and Joe Vitale sharing gratitude for each of their friends and partners is an example of extending love and appreciation that invites God's pleasure as well as gives Him praise."
2 Cary W = "Ha is the breath of the divine given to each of us (see Genesis One), so if you are ever at loss, depressed, or forlorn, just focus on your sacred breath and see if you can be appreciative of it and maybe the beating of your heart, so that you return to that peaceful place of relaxing in God's timing and flow."
3 Cary W = "We are each made in the image of God, which is best represented by the entire cosmos.  Follows then that we also have the universe in us, meaning each of us are part of us and if one suffers we all suffer; if one rejoices, we all rejoice."