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I Entered Into Unknowning

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I entered into unknowing and there I remained unknowing, transcending all knowledge. I entered into unknowing yet when I saw myself there without knowing where I was I understood great things; I shall not say what I felt for I remained in unknowing. That perfect knowledge was of peace and holiness held at no remove in profound solitude; it was something so secret that I was left stammering. I was so whelmed, so absorbed and withdrawn, that my senses were left deprived of all their sensing, and my spirit was given an understanding while not understanding. When you truly arrive there you cut free from yourself; all that you knew before now seems worthless, and your knowledge so soars that you are left in unknowing. The higher you ascend the less you understand, because the cloud is dark which lit up the night; whoever knows this remains always in unknowing. This knowing which is unknowing is so overwhelming that wise men disputing can never overthrow it, for their knowledge does not reach to the understanding of not-understanding. All this supreme knowledge is so exalted that no power of learning can grasp it; one who masters oneself will, with knowing in unknowing, always be transcending. And if you should want to hear; this highest knowledge lies in the loftiest sense of the essence of God; this is a work of his mercy, to leave one without understanding, transcending all knowledge.