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Some look for magic in the past: Talking serpents, burning bushes, parted seas, Flaming chariots, divine healings and bodily resurrections. Some look for magic in the future: Second comings, angelic armies, raptures, Judgment days, golden streets and pearly gates. Some look for magic out there: Holy books, sacred buildings, Charismatic personalities and ancient rituals. But sooner or later the past fades And the future becomes uncertain. Buildings grow musty, books no longer inspire, Prophets die and rituals lose their power. Finally, all we have is just us, right here, right now. But then to our surprise, In that moment, We discover That the magic we were searching for Is all around us. We’re all wearing ruby slippers. We didn’t need buildings, books or burning bushes. We didn’t need preachers, prophets or priests. The universe is our temple, Nature is our scripture, All people are our brothers and sisters, Life is a miracle, And Magic is everywhere. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GL4XBWW