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Pathwork: The Miracle of New Beginnings

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We are living a pivotal, turning moment in human history. The Earth can no longer tolerate our human excesses and wanton disregard for the web of life that sustains us. The planet is heating up, the oceans are dying, our natural resources are depleted, and we have contaminated the air, soil and waters that are the base necessities for our survival. We are reaping what we have sown and appear to be on a one-way collision course with ecological disaster. Yet no outcome is inevitable. Lammas, the pagan sabbat of the early harvest, teaches us that as grain holds the seeds of a new season and harvest, so our lives hold the seeds of a new beginning. Everything we need to heal, grow and transform ourselves and our world are present in this now moment. But, and this is an essential but, Lammas also tells us that the miracle of life requires sacrifice, that something must die, must be cut down, for something new and different to take its place. Collective change is driven by the choices and actions of individuals. Each of us must play our part if we are to turn the tides of our human, destructive ways and sow the seeds of a more sustainable, life-serving exchange between ourselves and the Mother Earth. This week, in the spirit of Lammas and the miracle of new beginnings, decide what sacrifice you are willing to make for new, life-serving seeds to take root in your life. Select something concrete, where you can see a direct impact between your choice making and actions and the world around you. It can be something outer that has positive, ecological impacts, like limiting your driving, buying organic food or reducing your consumption patterns, or something inner that has positive psychological, spiritual and social impacts, like committing to heal and transform old hurts and stories that negatively affect your life and engagement of others. Ending old patterns of thought and action is a form of sacrifice that encourages new patterns to emerge. Positive change elicits more positive change, not just in ourselves but in others. Change by change, person by person, we individually and collectively plant the seeds and the miracle of a new beginning.

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1 Korin Robinson = ""
2 Korin Robinson = "As the bright, hot days grow shorter and the early harvest is upon us, focus your intention on the mysteries of life and rebirth. What in your life story and lessons are ready to be harvested? What must you sacrifice to open yourself to the seeds of new, life-serving beginnings?"
3 Cary W = "This is a valuable encouragement, to seek deeply and root out the old and decaying thoughts, habits or behaviors that are ready to be transformed into something new and beneficial.  Nature does provide the template for sustaining life, the old must decompose in order to be the food and nutrient to the new life awaiting to be born."
4 Korin Robinson = "The Path of She synthesizes twenty-five years of spiritual and feminist studies, gender-based consulting, and dreaming and healing with the Dark Goddess. My Path of She work reaches out to the beauty magic and profound capabilities that lie dormant within our everyday existence and collective humanity, lost jewels and hidden treasures just waiting for the touch of our conscious awareness, and our love, to reawaken and blossom."