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Ti Chi Warmups http://www.taichidepot.com/ Ti Chi and Variations of the Tibetan Rites Exercise #1 The Chopper (Alternative for Rite#1) Stand with your feet about 12 inches apart. Extend your arms palms down until your arms are level with your shoulders. Swing your arms to the right, letting your slapping your left hand against your right shoulder, with your right hand slapping against the small of your back. Then swing your arms in the opposite direction, having your right hand slap against your left shoulder and the back of your left hand slap against the small of your back. As you swing back and forth allow your torso and legs to follow the movement. Allow your heels to lift from the floor but do not allow either foot to completely leave the floor. As you swing right turn your head right, and turn your head left as you swing to the left attempting to look directly behind you to a fixed point. Breathing: Breathe in deeply in the swing, exhale at the point where your head is facing backward and hands are hitting the shoulders and back. Exercise #2 The Swing With feet together, a few inches space, begin to rock the body from the knees up so that the arms, hanging loose begin to swing back and forth. Eventually get the arms to swing all the way up and all the way back. Breath in as arms rise and exhale as they descend to the ground Exercise #3 The Foot and Hand Circles Stand erect but relaxed, imaging a string of thread running from your feet to your head, suspended above the head holding your body, legs, neck and head erect and straight. Begin to shift your balance to the right foot, keeping the straightness in mind while you raise your left foot 12” off the ground. Extend your left hand out, and in unison begin to do slow clockwise rotations. Breath in as foot and hand ascend and breath out as they descend. Complete 8 rotations and then do a set counter clockwise. Exersise #4 The Knee Circles With feet together, keeping the string effect for erectness, begin to drop the knees forward slightly and start a clockwise rotation, straightening the knees on the back part of the circle. Exhale as your approach the top or forward part of the circle; inhale as you approach the erect or back part of the circle. Do eight circles clockwise and counter clockwise. Exercise #5 The Swivel Hips Begin to swing the hips clockwise first as far forward, then to the right side, to the back and left, extending as far as comfort permits. Breath in as you move toward the right and back, breath out as you approach the left and front. Eight rotations in each direction Exercise #6 The Knee Lift Find balance and erectness on the right foot with the left about 8 inches from the floor. Slowly pull your left foot up your right leg toward your crotch then extend it outward and toward the ground. In each cycle, breath in pulling the leg up and out as the leg extends down. Attempt to keep the moving foot from touching the ground. Perform 8 circles coming up then out, then reverse it, with the foot starting out and up and then sliding it down the opposite leg toward the ground. Exercise #7 The Organ Stirring Breath in deeply extending the belly outward. As you exhale twist the torso clockwise in a circle feeling the breath pass through every organ in your torso. Perform 8 rotations then reverse direction. Exercise #8 The Blessing breath Keep your left foot facing forward, move the right foot perpendicular then out about a foot and a half, balancing your weight evenly between the two, keeping the torso straight (remember the ‘string thing’) Twist all the way to the left with right arm in a half bent position (like your are carrying a baby). Draw the right arm across your middle as you twist the entire torso, neck and head in unison toward the right as if you are drawing a semi-circle. As you approach your limit to the right, draw the arm upward (like you are lifting a buc