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The good news for the day, May 9, 2017 Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Easter (280) Jesus shouted this out, "Anybody who believes in me believes not just in me but in the one who sent me, too! Anybody who sees me sees the one who sent me! I have come into this passing world as its light, so that anybody who believes in me won’t stay in darkness. If anybody hears my word—but does not observe them--I won’t condemn that person. I have not come to sentence this world but to save it. Anybody who does reject me—who does not accept my words—has something to judge that individual—the word that I have spoken. My word will condemn that person in the end – because I have not spoken on my own. The Father who sent me charged me with what to say and speak. And I know that his directive is boundless life. So whatever I say, I say as the Father told me." (John 12) What Jesus says is timeless. Speaking not just to the audience in front of him, Jesus is trying to wake all ages – including and especially you and me today. If you look around, looking past the masks people wear, appreciating the rhythm of nature, opening your heart to truths both pleasant and uncomfortable – you see the one who sent Jesus. You are seeing the world as God our father sees. You are hearing the word of God and the voices around you, and the whisper of the wind through the trees, the screaming children on the playground, and in the silent core of your own conscience. You are a child of God, absorbing all this sight and sound as love directed to you. People who deny all of this – Jesus does not judge. They are condemning themselves. For your part, you have been given boundless life – or, as the Bible so often calls it, eternal life. It is this boundless life that always kindles your repentance, and keeps you from guilt, failure, and permanent sin. Such is the good news for you – that you grow as you see and hear the presence of God all around you. And that is salvation – that you open your eyes, ears and heart