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The Art of Scientific Philosophy: There is an intangible, eternal, infinite awareness of physical stuff. We are both the intangible awareness and the tangible, physical stuff. Nothing has ever been created, nor destroyed, physical stuff simply changes shape every so often. There are infinite ways to identify ourselves and to define life. The human point of view is part of our cosmos. There are an infinite set of other cosmoses. Time and the human brain: About 20 years ago, I found PMH Atwater's book FUTURE MEMORY. I worked through the James Van Avery experiment VERY SLOWLY, over several days. The result of doing the experiment was that I drew a sketch in pencil, on an 8.5 inch by 11 inch piece of paper. One month later, I saw the same scene that I had drawn a month earlier, during a meeting with about 20 complete strangers. The sketch as I drew was a MIRROR IMAGE of the actual scene. I had to flip the paper over to see the actual image as it appeared to me at the meeting. My interpretation of this is that our brain takes so long to create a video of the present moment, that our so-called future is actually the past.

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