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Alan C. Hall II (Hallzzz…), an artist of numerous forms of medium, including Graphic/Web Design, music, poetry, and art. I pride on influencing, innovating, and evolving what is typically considered art while blurring the lines between such with absolute precision and detail. With 5+ years of professional web, graphic, and responsive design experience, a Bachelors (in Web Development from ECPI University) and Associates (in Web Design & Interactive Media from The Art Institute of Austin) degree, and 8 years as a United States Navy veteran, I pride on learning, growing, and reaching for perfection. I have also worked with companies such as Brinks, ACE, BET, HEB, Western Union, Fifth Thirds Bank, and NetSpend in regards to their marketing/acquisition websites and emails. In regards to sales experience, I worked for Big Lots for more than a year as a furniture sales associate doing inventory, facilitating sales, and maintaining customer satisfaction. Specialties: Web Design/Development, Branding/Logo Design, Print Design, and Illustration - Cross OS, Web Standards, Accessibility and web browser testing experience - UI/UX design and prototyping experience - Semantic, standards-based HTML5, XML, CSS2/3, PHP/MySQL, Bootstrap, and FTP - Wordpress & CMS (Content Management System) experience - Adobe CS proficiency with Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Photoshop - Coda 2, Microsoft Office, MS Visio, Apple iWork, and OpenOffice - C++, C#, Git, Javascript, JQuery, Avid Pro Tools, Apple Final Cut Pro, and SilverPop - 5+ years of professional web, graphic, and responsive design experience - Leadership experience and written/verbal communication skills - Marketing and sales experience - Secret Security Clearance within the United States Navy

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