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YouTuber at Religion For academic YouTube channel committed to raising the level of conversation about religion on YouTube. Ph.D candidate at Boston University researching the intersection of early Christian liturgy and magic. Twitter: @andrewmarkhenry.

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Reza Aslan's "Believer" Review (Episodes 1 and 2)

Reza Aslan's CNN series "Believer" is a mixed bag. It is important that we educate the public about religion, and a TV show is a great way to do th...

Colbert on Religion

I've watched a lot of Stephen Colbert over the years. When you watch enough of one TV show, you start to notice patterns. For Colbert, I noticed he...

What are Frankincense and Myrrh?

According to the Gospel of Matthew, the magi bring gold, frankincense, and myrrh as expensive gifts to the young Jesus. We all know what gold is, b...

Do Journalists Understand Religion?

I recently attended Harvard Divinity School's "Symposium on Religious Literacy and Journalism." Scholars and journalists gathered together to brain...

Why December 25th for Christmas?

Everyone assumes that early Church authorities chose December 25th for Christmas to coincide with the already popular Roman holiday of Saturnalia. ...

The Only US Public School With a Mandatory World Religions Course?

Teaching neutral, academic religious studies courses in American public schools is tricky. Many people don't even realize that it is legal! But one...

What Did Freud Think About Religion?

Everyone seems to know a little bit about Freud. He's credited as the founder of psychoanalysis. His research is famously eccentric. But did you kn...

3 Famous People Who Majored in Religion

The religious studies degree...a "useless" major? Well, these 3 people who majored in it might disagree!

3 Things Everyone Should Know About Religion

Religious Literacy can be summarized in three key assumptions about religion. It is not simply learning every detail about world religions!

Computer Modeling Religious Violence (Dr. Connor Wood Interview Pt. 2)

Today we continue the interview with Dr. Connor Wood with the Institute for the Bio-Cultural Study of Religion and their Modeling Religion Project....

What is Ritual?

"Ritual." One of those common yet difficult-to-define concepts. However, it is a critical concept to understand when studying religion from an acad...

Using Computer Models to Study Religion?

We often categorize the discipline of "Religious Studies" among the humanities or social sciences. But what if we apply the tools of computer scien...

Bill Maher vs. Ben Affleck: A Religious Literacy Case Study

A concrete, and very public, example of how religious literacy would have helped move a conversation about religion to a more fruitful conclusion.

What is the Difference Between Theology and Religious Studies?

Many people often equate "Religious Studies" with "Theology." However, these two academic disciplines have very different goals.

What Is Religion?

"Religion," everyone thinks they know what it means, but it is a surprisingly difficult term to define. Tune in to the academic YouTube channel Rel...