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Seeking God Is like a fish Swimming through the ocean Looking for the ocean. Seeking God Is like a bird Soaring through the air Looking for the air. Seeking God Is like a man with amnesia Looking for himself. Everything is ultimately one thing, Separated in time and space, But only for a little while. It all just is. And it’s good, So just be.

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My Story

From my recently published book: Be Free (Amazon)

My OnFaith 5: "All One & All Good"

The OnFaith Five is a set of questions we all can answer to express our own relationship with faith and connect us in our search for meaning.

People Become Like Their God

Religion drives politics. Unhealthy religion produces unhealthy politics. America needs a healthier spirituality.

The 5 Stages of Grief and My Spiritual Journey

There seems to be a clear correlation between encounters with death and one's spiritual journey.

Religion: Good, Bad and Ugly

Is your religion healthy?


A critique of the concept of punishment

Universal Prayers

Universal prayers based on original prayers

Who Am I?

The "good news" from Jesus regarding who we really are.

Why Does God Allow Suffering?

Why is there so much suffering in the world? Does human freedom explain it or is there more to consider?

Stages of Spiritual Maturity

Stages of spiritual maturity as reflected in the structure of the Bible.

Jesus and Buddha

The Biblical story of "wise men from the East" visiting Jesus at his birth may actually point to a more historical encounter between Jesus and Budd...

7 Reasons Why Hell Does Not Exist

The God of Jesus would not have created a world that included hell.

The Tree of Life

Who am I? Who are you? Why are we here?


From my book "Jesus, Buddha and Science", free this weekend on Kindle

The Perennial Philosophy

A poem about the "Perennial Philosophy" which tries to express the re-occurring themes in all healthy religion.
"This is one of the most relevant and disturbing messages I have read in a while. I feel the truth of this warning deep within and have felt it for..." read more
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"All justifications for hell come down to humans having a lot of free will and/or a belief in an inerrant Bible. Both are wrongheaded ideas that sim..." read more
"As a Southern Baptist minister, I understand where Adrian Rodgers is coming from, God rest his soul. I believe he was sincere. I've used many of hi..." read more
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"Like the Hail Mary, the Our Father is a beautiful prayer that I pray often, along with other prayers from various faith traditions.Like most ancien..." read more
"The Hail Mary is a beautiful prayer that I pray often, along with other prayers from various faith traditions.Like most ancient prayers, the Hail M..." read more
"Freud was obviously a very perceptive and brilliant man. He raised honest and fruitful questions. I think those of us who are religious need critic..." read more
"After years of studying both. I'm convinced they were very much alike. I'm personally convinced that Jesus did encounter Buddhist monks as a young ..." read more
"I'm personally convinced that Jesus did encounter Buddhist monks as a young man and was deeply influenced by them. The Christian story of Three Wis..." read more
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"Wonderful video.  It is unfortunate that most Christians are not familiar with these parallels. I'm personally convinced that Jesus did encounter B..." read more
"I like your analogy. " read more
"Thank you, Dineen, for your kind words. I recently published a book of poetry and meditations similar to this. I would be happy to send you a copy. " read more
"We certainly need a more educated faith community. Thanks for doing your part." read more
"Very good article, but I think the author gives up on his second approach too soon. He seems to suggest that allowing the Bible to contain error ma..." read more

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From my recently published book: Be Free (Amazon)

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Adolph Hitler was once called, "The great simplifier of problems," and later "the terrible simplifier." Nobody wants to accept it, but life is complicated.

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Excellent presentation. Religion influences everything, so what people believe effects society as well as individuals. Unhealthy religion = unhealthy society. How one views... view more

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From my new book, It Just Is. All Rights Reserved by John Alan Shope