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As a storyteller/satirist, I critique the intersection of faith, politics, and global culture. Also, I continue to pursue my passion for travel by penning reflective pieces on spiritual/historical travel, as well as destination pieces and reviews of travel gear. In addition, I cover craft food & beverages and cannabis with a focus on the Pacific Northwest. My seven books include "Roger Williams' Little Book of Virtues," "Jesus Died for This?" and "Red and Blue God, Black and Blue Church" (Publishers Weekly starred review). Currently, I am working on two books. The first one titled "War of the Game" is a reselling of my late grandfather's experiences coaching football in the Pacific during WWII. The second tentatively titled "Secular Church" explores the rise of secular communities that function similarly to institutional churches in terms of community building and social outreach.

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Trump's Tweets to God

A satirical summary of Trump's Tweets to God

The Donald Devotional

A selection of prayers that could be part of the president's daily devotional

My OnFaith 5: Community

My contribution to the MyOnFaithFive conversation

Marrying Church and State in the Trump Era

In Paste magazine, I explore the connections between Christ and capitalism in the Trump era. I note how even progressive evangelicals like Sojourne...

Unpacking Rob Bell's DeVos Connection

An analysis of Rob Bell's response to his connections with Betsy DeVos

Gretta Vosper Embraces Nonexclusive Language in Sacred Communities

Gretta preaching @EmbraceFestival (Portland, OR) about the use nonexclusive language to attract those seeking spiritual connections but turned off ...

Honoring the Secular Spiritual Legacy of Groundlings Founder Gary Austin

In, I reposted a piece I penned for Killing the Buddha in 2013. I interviewed Austin about the connection between his improvisatio...

Cutting the Cords of Toxic Relationships in a Trump Era

In my piece for @GrokNation (, I focus on the need to cut cords from relationships with those who exhibit...

The DeVos Dilemma Facing US Evangelicals

In Rodin's sculpture Jean de Fiennes, the youngest subject in his Burghers of Calais, the artist depicts the universal tension between going forwar...

Fighting for Liberty of Conscience in a Trumped up World

A brief overview of Roger Williams' advocacy of the separation of church and state in light of Betsy DeVos' appointment as Education Secretary by T...

Seeing Germany's "Christian" past as a reflection into the future

At Luther House (Eisenach, Germany) Luther's anti-Semitic pamphlets are on display in a room as a testament to the dark side of the Reformation. A ...

What can the US learn from the Berlin Wall?

From the anti-Trump graffiti to the painting "Oh God help me survive this deadly love" depicting the infamous photo of Brezhnev kissing Honecker, i...

Do images from Berlin's past point to America's possible future?

Three images from Berlin, November 2016 bear an eerie resemblance to Americana a la Trump. An ad for TicTacs featuring Homer Simpson now stands at ...

Signs of Hope at the National Museum of African American History & Culture

Interview with Robert Darden/Black Gospel Music Restoration Project regarding this venture he spearheaded which is now featured in the Smithsonian'...

Capturing multicultural expressions of craft and community in Portland

A few snapshots of grassroots community building that offer a hopeful counter narrative to the Trumping of America. Rev. Karen Ward/Portland Abbey ...

Post-Election Healing with Meditative Archery

Those seeking a body/mind cleanse on November 9th might want to check out Angie Fadel's work with "Spiritual Direction & Soul Care." She seeks to c...

"The Pearl" illuminates trans lives

The Pearl, a documentary that will be screened at the 43rd Northwest Filmmakers' Festival (Nov. 10-15, 2016), should be required viewing for Christ...

Progressive Spirit Podcast: Secular Church

In this podcast, I discuss the demise of the Christian Industrial Complex and the rise of nones, a group that has been ignored during the 2016 elec...

The Church Throws Women Under the Bus

Why do evangelical and progressive pastors/author/speakers point out the specks in Trump's eyes yet ignore their own misogynistic logs? These Chris...

Finding message of 2016 election via Andy Warhol

During the press preview for the Portland Art Museum's exhibit, "Andy Warhol: Prints from the Collections of Jordan D. Schnitzer and His Family Fou...