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As a storyteller/satirist, I critique the intersection of faith, politics, and global culture. Also, I continue to pursue my passion for travel by penning reflective pieces on spiritual/historical travel, as well as destination pieces and reviews of travel gear. In addition, I cover craft food & beverages and cannabis with a focus on the Pacific Northwest. My seven books include "Roger Williams' Little Book of Virtues," "Jesus Died for This?" and "Red and Blue God, Black and Blue Church" (Publishers Weekly starred review). Currently, I am working on two books. The first one titled "War of the Game" is a reselling of my late grandfather's experiences coaching football in the Pacific during WWII. The second tentatively titled "Secular Church" explores the rise of secular communities that function similarly to institutional churches in terms of community building and social outreach.

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Atheist Pastor Deemed Unsuitable for Ministry

Reflections on United Church of Canada's decision regarding atheist minister Gretta Vosper