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Ben is a poet and freelance writer from Kansas City, MO. He is a life-long student of the world's religions and a lover of Nature, art, music, meditation and all things Zen.

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Tigers Above, Tigers Below: Pema Chodron on Savoring Each Moment

Pema Chodron shares a story, a parable about savoring each moment as though it were our very last.

I Woke Up: Thomas Merton & Buddhism

Dr. Bonnie Thurston gives a fabulous talk about Thomas Merton and his interest and studies of Buddhism and Eastern religion.

Call Me By My True Names, A Poem by Thich Nhat Hanh

A poem by Thich Nhat Hanh, author, teacher and Buddhist monk from Vietnam, which beautifully expresses our interdependence, and the oneness of all ...

"Universal Soldier," Buffy Sainte-Marie Live at Veterans For Peace Rally

The Veterans for Peace & the Iraq Veterans Against the War gathered in Washington D.C. to protest the continued U.S. military occupation of Iraq. B...

The Daily Word - Memorial Day, May 30th 1963

The Daily Word is a daily devotional prayer book published by Unity Worldwide Ministries.


The Kitab-i-Iqan, or "Book of Certitude," is one of the most important sacred texts of the Baha'i faith, penned by it's founder the prophet Baha'u'...

Nawruz - The Baha'i New Year

This video celebrates the Baha'i Holy Day of Naw-Ruz with lovely scenes of Springtime and beautiful music by Enya. It also explains the meaning and...

The Kitab-i-Aqdas

The Kitab-i-Aqdas (also known as "The Book of Laws") is the Holy Book of the Baha'i faith, like the Bible is to Christianity or the Qur'an to Islam...

The Baha'i Faith - An Introduction

An introduction to the Baha'i faith, and overview of it's beliefs and teachings.

Unite The Hearts - A Song of the Baha'i Faith

A beautiful song of prayer and worship, a hymn to the One God and to the prophet Baha'u'llah, founder of the Baha'i faith.

Keep A True Lent: Introduction

Charles Fillmore (1854 - 1948) was an American mystic, author and founder of Unity Church, a major branch of the New Thought movement. This collect...

Keep A True Lent: The Way to Perfection

Charles Fillmore (1854 - 1948) was an American mystic, author and founder of Unity Church, a major branch of the New Thought movement. This collect...

Keep A True Lent: Chapter 2 - The Holy Trinity

Charles Fillmore (1854 - 1948) was an American mystic, author and founder of Unity Church, a major branch of the New Thought movement. This collect...
"Also known as Tiptaka, or "the Three Baskets," which are:1. The Vinaya Pitaka, a collection of rules or disciplines2. The Sutta Pitaka, a collectio..." read more
"Jesus is believed to have died around the year 30 AD. The earliest writings of the New Testament were the letters written by Paul around 50 AD. The..." read more
"This lecture provides valuable context about Thomas Merton, his life and influences. Most importantly, Dr. Thurston makes clear that Merton's inter..." read more
"The world we see is but a reflection of ourselves, and our state of mind. Whoever looks upon the All and sees something broken and imperfect, it me..." read more
"The "fire" that Jesus refers to here is the fire of spiritual awakening. Upon realizing his Oneness with God, he set about trying to teach everyone..." read more
"When asked by his disciples what rules he wanted them to follow, he told them in essence to be true to themselves and to each other. To not tell li..." read more
"This is reflected in the gospel of Luke (17:20-21) when Jesus tells the Pharisees, "Behold! The kingdom of God is within you."https://www.biblegate..." read more
"This is a vivid and haunting depiction of what is perhaps the most impenetrable of all spiritual mysteries, the mystery of evil. We are all one bei..." read more
"This is an appeal for all of us to stop engaging each other on the level of the ego-personality; to look deeper, and see who and what we really are..." read more
"Thich Nhat Hanh is an author, poet, peace activist, Buddhist monk and internationally recognized spiritual teacher from Vietnam.http://en.wikipedia..." read more
"The differences between us only exist in the mind (thought, belief, etc). In reality, there is no difference. Deep down, we are all one consciousne..." read more
"Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj was an Indian guru and teacher of Advaita (non-duality). In this video he tells the story of his own awakening, and how it..." read more
"The Gandiva is Arjuna's primary weapon, a great bow made by Brahma himself (Creator of the universe). It was given to Arjuna by Agni (the fire god)..." read more
"According to Vedic astrological myths, Tara was the beautiful wife of Brihaspati (planet Jupiter). Soma (the moon) was enchanted by her beauty, and..." read more
"A sataghni was a projectile weapon, a kind of bar or pole bristling with spikes, sometimes adorned with bells, commonly carried by charioteers and ..." read more
"The Gandharvas are heavenly musicians, similar to angels. Chitrasena is one of the greatest of the Gandharvas, a master musician. The "Gandharva sc..." read more
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"A painting of Arjuna recieving the Pasupata from Lord Shiva:" read more
"Uma means both "mother" and "goddess," in Sanskrit. It is one of the many names of Parvati, goddess of love and fertility, wife and consort of Lord..." read more