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Hello all! I am currently a student working two jobs while earning a B.A. in Religious Studies. Once I graduate, I plan on working toward a MDiv from a divinity school to be ordained. My religious affiliation is currently with the United Church of Christ, though I love the Anglican/Episcopalian Church. I am in awe of GOd, and I understand that my finite mind can't comprehend the Infinite Divine. Understanding this, I strive to experience the Divine. I realize that Christ is in all - as Colossians says- and realize that the Word has always existed. I understand that there is an Absolute, but we come looking toward it with different backgrounds and traditions. I lean heavily toward a perennial philosophy, but I still think of it from my tradition. The Christian one. I enjoy the mystics and contemplatives, and I plan on practicing contemplative prayer. For Christ is the only Way, yet Christ is in all. We can become one with the Divine, but can never be the Divine. Unity yet division. A paradox of live. That is salvation.

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The Modern Day Heresy of Prosperity.

I went on a tiny rant on Facebook about the prosperity gospel being a heresy. It's no too well thought out and I could include more stuff, but no o...

To Be a Monk

The life of monks intrigues me.

The Upanishads

An audiobook of the Upanishads.

On "Excelling in the work of the Lord"

An audio recording of my sermon. I speak fast in it, so don't worry...

On "Excelling in the work of the Lord.

The first sermon that I wrote based around 1 Corinthians 15:35-58.
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Christian Guild shared Sarah R's post The Problem for the Prosperity Gospel

Scot McKnight, an Orthodox Christian, shares a Biblical critique of the "prosperity gospel" that is very popular in modern day churches.

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I love the idea of the Divine being unnameable and nonconceptual.  To me, that is the foundation that sustains us. The Gardner is also the water that hydrates the flowers. ... view more